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Coldfire+ MCF51QM128VLH: Problems with DMA and ADC

Question asked by Marc Wagner on Jul 25, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2014 by Petr_H



I would like to trigger the DMA after completed ADC Measurement. At the moment I am working with Processor Expert.

I configured the DMA module following the second example of Component DMATransfer_LDD with some modifications.


Some of the modifications are:


Trigger source type: Peripheral device

Trigger source: ADC0_DMA_Request


Data source Address: (uint32_t)&ADC0_RA

Data destination Address: &destBuffer

External object declaration: extern uint16_t destBuffer[];


For "Transfer control" I can't change to "Nested transfer". At the moment I set "Single transfer".

Event masks "OnComplete" and "OnError" are enabled.


After the initialisation of ADC and DMA y also allocate and enable the DMA channel for the DMA transfer.


The AD measurement is called in a loop with a delay of a few seconds. Unfortunately the DMA isn't  triggered and the event "OnComplete" is never reached.

What could be wrong? Has anybody an idea?


I am using Coldfire+ MCF51QM128VLH.


Thank you.