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question about UART sending on imx257

Question asked by b wq on Jul 24, 2013
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I am a new hand on imx257.


Now I want to make some simple UART test code on imx25 PDK startkit. What I want to do is just send out some data on UART_1. (no interrupt, no CTS, no RTS, very simple...)


The test code is as below:


// UART Init
UCR2_1_bit.SRST = 0; //reset
UCR1_1_bit.UARTEN = 1;//enable UART
UFCR_1_bit.RFDIV = 5; // Divide input clock by 1


UCR2_1_bit.IRTS = 1; //ignore RTS pin
UCR2_1_bit.WS = 1; //8 bit
UCR2_1_bit.TXEN = 1;
UCR3_1_bit.RXDMUXSEL = 1;
UTXD_1 = 0x000000AA;


Currently, the FIFO empty flag became 0, but I can not catch any data by oscilloscope on UART1_TXD pin. Can anybody tell me is there any setting should I do for UART sending?