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Using CAU in K60 Chip [CW]

Question asked by Alex Paul on Jul 24, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2013 by Alex Paul

I have problem with my project, The point is to send simple text to hardware hashing, and send back the result hash, i made the code
Here is the code:
And password for open this link : d32f32

The problem is whatever i sent no matter which letter or number im always getting as result decoded 536806312, and before something like this
z P?rşőQ[©¸¤JĐä?`ŻčîĄqEs

Even when i changed code to

  Error = AS1_ReceiveBlock(MySerialPtr, InpData, 1U);
  while (!DataReceivedFlg);
  sprintf(hashed, "%d ", out);
  Error = AS1_SendBlock(MySerialPtr, hashed, sizeof(hashed)); /*
  DataReceivedFlg = FALSE;

Or without sprintf, always was the same result, i really dont know where the problem is, i tried to rewiev few's pdf, change the variables type with no positive result. say nothing of week waiting for library , it should be included in CW btw. Im looking forward for helpful reply.

Regards Alex