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MX283 PMU USB without 5V power supply

Question asked by rajtantajtan on Jul 24, 2013
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I have a little problem understanding the MX283 PMU. Our design does not include a 5V power supply at the moment, only a 4.2V and a 3.8V power supply, these two could be seen as li-ion batteries and one of them connected to DCDC_BATT on MX283.

However I read on freescale community that to use USB you must supply  5V on VDD5V-pin. Re: USB with 3.3V (no VDD5V)

MX28 Technical Data pdf says this:


• Generates USB-Host 5-V from Li-Ion battery (using PWM).

However I cant find anything in MX28 PMU about this amazing feature.


So is it possible to use USB without having to supply 5V to VDD5V or do I have to use some kind of voltage booster to get 5V and connect it to VDD5V?