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i.mx28 u-boot dram configuration for dram replacement.

Question asked by Randy Graham on Jul 23, 2013
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We have a custom i.mx28 board based on the mx28-evk reference design.


My hardware guy tells me that the dram chip used on the m28-evk board is no longer available and we need to use the micron equivalent, Sheet/DRAM/512MbDDR2.pdf, which is what we have on our custom board .


We are having issues getting u-boot to come up on our board, so I was wondering, should I need to adjust the dram configuration settings for this memory replacement ?

I'd assumed not since it should be functionally equivalent.


u-boot appears to initialize power, clocks, etc fine from SRAM but resets when relocating and trying to run from DRAM which is why I think we have a dram issue.

All of our voltages look correct.


Hopefully I am not asking a silly question