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External Crystal for MC9S08JM32

Question asked by Cristian Martinez on Jul 23, 2013
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I´m moving a project with MC9S08JM32 using internal oscillator for another one with the same MCU with external oscillator because I want to speed up baud rates in RS232 (with internal osc I work with 9600 without problem).


Problem is I´ve never implemented such simple thing and I have see some of the discussions here but most of the links are broken (inside freescale forums)...

So if anyone can point me to some place or AppNote on how to build it?

I´m not very sure which frecuency to choose for the crystal... also I´m not sure how is the schematic of it, etc... (means I don´t know nothing)


I will use the RS232 through a FT232 USB/serial converter

And also the SPI for a Dual DAC from MICROCHIP MCP4922 (in the begining I was going to use I2C but seems to be more complicated and is worst for power saving)


Thanks for any tip/link/appnote!