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I am not able to hold the iMX53 in reset using a debugger

Question asked by mohammedqasim on Jul 19, 2013

I updated the Image Vector Table and the DCD in my code and loaded to flash. After that I am not able to hold the CPU in reset using a debugger. And because of that, I am not able to reflash,......

CPU: iMX53

Flash: External NOR Flash


Image Vec table Entries:

const struct ivt input_ivt ={

  0xD1, 0x00, 0x20, 0x40, //Header identifying the type of data structure (0xD1), its size (0x0020 = 32 bytes), HAB version (0x40).  i.MX53 uses D100 2040h.

  (hab_image_entry_f)main, //Address of main(), which is the "Application" in the BIOS case

  NULL, //Reserved and should be zero.

  NULL, //Absolute address of the image Device Configuration Table (DCD). The DCD is optional, so this field may be set to NULL, if no DCD is required.

  &boot_data, //Absolute address of the Boot Data structure





boot_data_t boot_data = {

    (uint32_t) &__bios_start,

    (uint32_t) 60000,



I have confirmed that the ivt appears at 0x1000 offset from the Flash base address




Can someone help me figure this one out?