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IMX536 current requirement failure & Power on sequence query

Question asked by Neeraj Shukla on Jul 19, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2013 by Jose Alberto Reyes Morales



We are designing a board for industrial application with maximum temperature of 85C, based on  IMX536 processor in our design with PMIC 34709.


But there is a problem regarding current requirement, VGEN2(2.5V) Rail of PMIC is connected to  VDD_REG of IMX53.


The current required by IMX53's VDD_REG rail [it powers  VDD_ANA_PLL(1.8V) and VDD_DIG_PLL(1.3V) also] is 325mA and current provided by PMIC's VGEN2 rail 250mA which is less,


  • How is it possible?



So,we are  powering  VDD_ANA_PLL(1.8V) and VDD_DIG_PLL(1.3V) externally from VUSB2 LDO(2.5V) of PMIC, is it possible to do so? This has not been implemented any where.


  • Will it affect USB usage in our case as we are planning to use USB also ?


  • Is there any power up sequence required for rails "VDD_ANA_PLL(1.8V) and VDD_DIG_PLL(1.3V)" ?