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Using P&E Multilink Universal on K60.

Question asked by Daniel Chai on Jul 19, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2013 by Daniel Chai

Hi All,


I just got a P&E Multilink Universal, and I want to download the code to K60 tower using it.

But after connecting the P&E Multilink Universal's  mini 20 pin to TWR-K60 JTAG pin and USB port to the PC, the blue light is on but the yellow light is not on.

when I am trying to download code to the TWR-K60 board, it said "Cannot communicate with the target processor! Please check your connections between the cable and target and make sure the target has power". It can detect the Multilink Universal: UMultilink Universal RevB on USB1(Name=PE5656415).

It seems the P&E Multilink Universal can not recognize the K60.


Is there any jumpers I need to set on K60N512 tower board when I use the P&E Multilink Universal?

Any ideas about this?