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Decoding metadata from a CSI2 video stream on imx6

Question asked by ofer.livny on Jul 18, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2013 by rogeriopimentel
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I am  currently using an iMX6Q processor with a MIPI-CSI2 camera sensor for streaming high resolution YUV422 video.

I'm using freescale's linux 3.0.35 LTIB BSP.


My CSI2 camera sensor is able to send a status line of the frame parameters along with the csi2 data stream.

According to its documentation, each line of the image has its datatype indicated in the beginning of the line - YUV422 for all the lines but the last one, and GENERIC for the last one, which holds the meta data.


In case it matters, the IPU is currently configured to convert the YUV422 into YUV420 in the IDMAC.


How does the CSI-IPU handle such data?  Does the IDMAC discriminate between the two datatypes? Is it considered as the same stream/channel? or a different one?

And most important - is this method supported in the existing linux MIPI CSI / IPU / V4L drivers ?