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FreescaleCAN "CAN_SendFrame()"

Question asked by spojoe on Jul 18, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2015 by Carlos Hass



i´m using the MC56F8367 and the CW for MCU v10.3.


Everything is working fine, there are just some problems with sending a message using CAN_SendFrame().


When i try to send a frame, the function returns ERR_BUSY and the frame is not transmitted.

I builded a "for{...}" loop arround the send command that cals the function until the CAN-device is not longer busy.

In that way i found out that it needs arrount 10 calls until the device is not busy. After 10 cals the  "IDLE" bit is "1" and the transmission works.


Is there a important thing i forgot before starting a transmission. When is the "IDLE"-bit set by the Hardware?


Thank you for any answer!!!


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