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DHCP not functional on Linux?

Question asked by rizwan on Jul 17, 2013
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We are booting  Linux (uImage-3.0-ts-armv7l)  on Vybrid from SD card, but DHCP assignment does not work properly in the Linux and we are getting the following errors:


“DHCP/BOOTP : Reply not for us, op[2] xid[b7926695]”



We are using following Jumper settings on Tower Serial (TWR-SER) module:

J2 – Ethernet PHY Clock Select – 3-4 closed (50MHz)

J3 – CLOCKIN0 Driver Select  – 2-3 closed (Route 50MHz clock to CLOCKIN0)

J12 – Ethernet PHY Configuration– 9-10 closed (RMII Select)


Kindly help us sort out this issue or there is anything missing in the Jumper settings we are using on TWR-VF65GS10 and TWR-SER module.


Best regards,

Rizwan Rasheed