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i.MX25 Serial Boot Configuration

Question asked by LI_Dave on Jul 17, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2013 by LI_Dave

I'm trying to boot a blank i.MX25 using the UART boot mode and have a question about what external boot pins really matter in this case. 


I of course have BOOT_MODE_0 and BOOT_MODE_1 pulled high to select UART/USB Boot.  I've also got the three BT_UART_SRC lines pulled LOW to select UART1.  It would appear that nearly all the other boot config pin states are irrelevant to UART boot, but I'm not so sure about the BT_LPB_FREQ pins which configure the Low Power Boot mode.  Do they need to be set correctly (111)  to ensure successful UART boot?   Is there anything else that needs to be tied to force a UART 1 Boot?