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mkl25z documentation

Question asked by paul brooking on Jul 17, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2013 by paul brooking

Hi, I am new to ARM and CW, and I am finding it very difficult to understand the peripherals using just the processor expert and examples, there does not seem to be any other documentation that I can find.  I have used microchip before and there is full documentation of how things work, here I seem to be reverse engineering code to find how to do things.

For example I want to set up the processor clock, the only entry I can find in processor expert is SysTick but this does not give all the options that there are.

How do I do this apart from hoping I can find an example that shows it ?  Is there some documentation I don't know about ?, in some freescale documentation it says check with datasheet and userguide for your specific part, but these only give analogue performance etc and do not say anything about functionality.