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WIFI SDIO SDK and related net documents

Question asked by justin wu on Jul 16, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2013 by justin wu

Dear ALL:


Do you have the Atheros 6K SDK and porting guide for i.MX6Q? I want to reference it's SDIO Wifi design. Do you have Broadcom WL-211 (BCM-40181)or WL-212 Wifi porting guide for freescale i.MX6Q?

Where can I get the Atheros 6103 SDK and related documents? I study the Android Advanced User Guide and find WIFI brief. Where can I study and get the further integration between i.MX6Q and SDIO WIFI? Whether does Someone use broadcom ,Realtek, or Ralink sdio wifi which is integrated with i.MX6Q net documents?

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Justin Wu