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Power Comparison of i.MX Devices (i.MX27 versus i.MX53 versus i.MX6SL)

Question asked by Nathan Palmer on Jul 16, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2013 by Anson Huang

I am considering transitioning an existing design from the i.MX27 to the i.MX53 or i.MX6SL.   I am trying to understand what the impact to system power will be if I do this.  I found some App Notes that give some power estimates for the iMX53 and the iMX6S (Not Lite) but they show the iMX6S using more power than the iMX53.  I know that it is two different designs so it is not a fair comparison, but I am trying to find data for a fair comparison.


I know that the power consumption will depend on several factors (OS/Usage, DDR RAM type/size, Layout, etc.) but all else being equal, how does the i.MX6SL compare to the i.MX53 in terms of power consumption?  I'm looking for a general comparison, but numbers would be great.