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ADC Init Problem

Question asked by Markus Krug on Jul 16, 2013
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after that I realized that Enable/Diable ADC with the LDD component does not really do what I expectI decided to go to the Init_ADC component. It gives me the additional advantage to setup a DMA transfer what I will very likely need.

However even the normal Init() function leads to some suspect problem. It seems to me that the Init() function (in my case the function is called Line_Camera_Init() want to change registers but is not successful. In my actual case I realized that the first call to ADC1_CFG1 does not lead to the desired change in the register - I hope you can see this from the screenshot. For example ADICLK is not changed to 3 (the last two  bits in ADC1_CFG1. It gets even worse. In the second command the Init() function wants to change ADC2_CFG2. The access to this register leads to a crash and I find myself in the ISR CPU_Interrupt.


Can anyone explain this behaviour? I am using CW10.4 on a Kinetis K60 Tower System.


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