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does xvimagesink work on fsl-image-gui image ?

Question asked by venkatesh raikar on Jul 16, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2013 by venkatesh raikar

HI All,


I have created a fsl-image-gui  build for imx6qsabreauto board,

when i try to run a gstreamer based app which uses xvimagesink  as the video sink .

I get following error :

"Error: Could not initialize Xv output."


after looking into some online discussion i tried to run the command "xvinfo" , but i get command not found !!


can anybody please confirm if the default build that we get with "bitbake fsl-image-gui"  has XVideo supported ?

If YES how can i confirm it and test, initialize the Xv output to resolve the problem mentioned above?

If NOT how can i add the XVideo support ? new build ?