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Where is "Human Interface" in PE?

Question asked by rabbit on Jul 15, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2013 by Santiago Gonzalez Fabian

I try to add "Touch Sense Input" for my MK60D512D512VLQ10 (LQFP144pins)  input my project by PE, but I can't find the component from the "component Library" in PE.

When I highlight my project, in the "Logical Device drivers" there is no "Human Interface", my MCU is K60D512D512VLQ10 (LQFP144pins), I'm sure that There are TSI for this MCU,


All the PE examples in "C:\Freescale\CW MCU v10.4\MCU\CodeWarrior_Examples\Processor_Expert\Kinetis\TWR-K60N512\" have the "Human Interface" in the "component Library", the MCU is MK60D512D512ZVMD10 (BGA144pins).


How can I add the TSI into my project?