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Error during programming my P4080 based custom board with CW USB TAP

Question asked by Emin Koc on Jul 15, 2013
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I have a custom p4080 board. I am facing this error: ccs protocol plugin : failed to reset the target.


I created a bareboard project and didn't change the default source files and built it.



// Project Stationery  //




#include <stdio.h>






  #include "smp_target.h"




int main()


  int i=0;


  unsigned long proc_id;


  asm ("mfpir %0" : "=r" (proc_id));







  printf("Core%lu: Welcome to CodeWarrior!\r\n", proc_id>>5);


  asm("sc"); // generate a system call exception to demonstrate the ISR


  while (1) { i++; } // loop forever






When I try to download this code to the p4080 device I get the error above


I checked the jtag connections, they are fine. I scoped the reset signals of the Jtag interface during running the project, the CW USB TAP resets the device with TRST and HRST signals. SRST signal stays at logic 1(deasserted), Here is the HRST(first one) abd TRST(second one) scope screenshots:




When I give power to the board the ASLEEP signal of P4080 keeps at logic "1". When I hit the RUN I get a different error: Failed to correctly configure the JTAG chain.


If I push and release the PORESET button on the board(pulls down the PORESET signal) the ASLEEP signal turns to logic "0" and when I hit the RUN after ASLEEP signal turned to logic "0" I get this error constantly: Failed to reset the target


Here is the error windows:




The following error occured just once and I haven't seen it again.



Could you please help me solve this issue.


Thanks in advance