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Is OCRAM non-volitile? Used/Corrupted by boot rom code?

Question asked by Michael Melton on Jul 15, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2013 by Anson Huang

I am looking for a non-volitile storage location to store state information between reboots and power cycles. This is for the OBDS which is a standalone diagnostics program so I am  not concerned with any operating system issues. I am working on a proprietary board running a quad i.mx6.


OCRAM looked like a perfect candidate at first but it appears to be corrupted or reset in the boot cycle.  So my question is: can I stop the OCRAM from being corrupted?   Is it actually non-volitile in the first place?  Is there a better choice for this storage need?   Keep in mind that this is standalone so there is no disk support.



Mike Melton

WinSystems Inc