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i.MX6Q Sabre Lite Kernel with Xenomai crashes

Question asked by Younes CHALABI on Jul 15, 2013

Hi all,


I'm trying to deploy Xenomai on the Sabre Lite board, for this I used the following methodology :


1- Kernel : rel_imx_3.0.15_12.03.00 ; first patched with : - adeos-ipipe-3.0.36-arm-1.18-11-pre.patch

                                                                                   - adeos-ipipe-3.0.36-arm-1.18-11.patch

                                                                                   - adeos-ipipe-3.0.36-arm-1.18-11-post.patch


2- Xenomai : xenomai- and following this tutorial to patch Xenomai to the Kernel : Installing Xenomai


3- U-Boot : U-Boot 2009.08 from LTIB


4- Rootfs : Rootfs from LTIB


When booting the target, it seems that I have a Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init! and the cpus stop one after the other until no response from the target.


Attached the log and my .config file.


Thanks in advance for you help.


Best regards,



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