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RTC clock forward

Question asked by raul munoz on Jul 15, 2013
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I have a problem related to the RTC imx28.


When connecting a source in VBAT we have a consumption of 18mA when the power is off (operating system off), after that just this battery keeps the RTC board with this consumption.


After some time off and keeping VBAT powered by this source (4.2 V), we connect the equipment back to normal font and see the clock forward than it should be.


We are using the Yocto denzil to compile linux for the product, the default settings of kernel already linked items pertaining to RTC.

The kernel is the linux-imx-


Have you seen any behavior like this?

Does it still lacks enable or configure anything on linux?

I am sending also. Config kernel.


Now appreciate the help.



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