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AN3038 using EMAC Unit / verifying ECDSA Signature

Question asked by Christian Becker on Jul 15, 2013

Dear Community,


currently im implementing ECDSA key verifying algorithm on a mcf51qm128 coldfire controller. Unfortunately my first implementation using pure c language and parts of the GMP Library makes it very slow, so I have to improve my algorithm.


Therefore I found the application not an3038 which handles multiplying using EMAC unit.I would need some support how I implement this assembly function in my c project (codewarrior development studio 10.2).


I create the mp_mul64.c and mult_add64.s File. But when im trying compile it I get the following error:

Instructions must occur within code section    "mul_add64.s"   


Is there anything I have to observe when using assembly code in c project or maybe there already exists any implemantion for verifying an ecdsa signature on coldfire platform ?



Thanks for help


Yours sincerely



Christian Becker