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about imx53 System Development User's Guide

Question asked by hu zizhen on Jul 14, 2013
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Hi :

    I have a i.mx53 qsb board,and downloaded android source and mx patch.

    The i.mx53 System Development User's Guide version is 1.3/2011.

     In the document,on page 10-2,the chapter 10.2.1 UART(Serial port) test.

     I can not fild the hardware.c file,and can not find the "debug_uart" variable in imx53.c(or mx53_xx.c),and also can not find the function "debug_uart_iomux()"in

all download codes.

     How can i download the right user guide document? thanks

On the i.MX53 reference boards (with the exception of the ARD), the UART1 TXD and RXD pins are

routed to the CSI0_DAT10 and CSI0_DAT11 pins via the IOMUX (see the

~/diag-obds/src/mx53/hardware.c file). In addition, the file mx53.c defines the “debug_uart” variable to

UART1 as static struct hw_module *debug_uart = &uart1; If a different UART por t is used, make the

required IOMUX changes to the routine debug_uart_iomux() , using the following code: