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LPDDR3L for i.MX6 sololie

Question asked by John Tobias on Jul 13, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 25, 2013 by kishan

Hi All,


We got a board with LPDDR3L, we used the spreadsheet for

i.MX6 sololite for generating a DCD table. I can load the uboot using

usb_loader and able to trace it. The uboot went through all the

initializations in board.c (board_init_f) except calling the last

function (dram_init). I also confirmed that the DCD table was called

during the uboot initialization because I added a function to change

the state of my GPIO pin.


int dram_init(void)


     //gpio_toggle1(); -- enabling the said function it works

     gd->ram_size = get_ram_size((void *)PHYS_SDRAM, PHYS_SDRAM_SIZE);

     //gpio_toggle1(); - enabling the said function and disabling the function above, I didn't see the toggle on my scope



Then, I added a gpio_toggle (infinite loop) function in dram_init.

Enabling the first function call, the toggling of the pin works. Then,

I disabled the first one and enabled the 2nd function, it did not run.

Maybe the get_ram_size function crashes because the DDR3 was not

initialized properly.


Right now, I have no idea how to verify if the DDR3L has been

initialized correctly or not. I would like to know if you can give me

some pointers or any program to verify the initialization?.