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Wake up from Stop VLLS0 ??

Question asked by Almira Pacarizi on Jul 12, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2013 by Petr_H

I am trying to set the processor to sleep and than wake up using lptmr0  using KL05Z. I added LMPTR0 component init and the interrupt is happening before processor goes to sleep, but it doesnt wake up from vlls mode . The LPTMR0 comp. looks like this


and also here is the cpu configuration


i have one external interrupt which falling edge sets the cpu on sleep and in

I dont know how to clear the lmptr0 flags ??? in the lmptr0_ISR I just call the init of lmptr0. wakeup looks like this : 

void Cpu_OnLLSWakeUpINT(void)

{  Cpu_SetOperationMode(DOM_RUN, NULL, NULL);