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Does gpu Z160 support a buffer lager than 2048x2048 ?

Question asked by spark zh on Jul 12, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2013 by Prabhu Sundararaj

I am working on a board based on imx53. What I am doing is to support xrandr dual display on it. Clone mode works well. But when it comes to extend mode, there is something strange as the picture shows.


extend mode: hdmi + lvds

     hdmi: 1920x1080

     lvds:     800x480

     pos:     hdmi right-of lvds

1. If the summary of the width of the two outputs is larger than 2048, the display appears abnormal.

     If EXA is disabled, dual display works well.  Does anyone have met something similar before?

2. In Z160.h:

     /* Largest buffer is 2048x2048 */

     #define Z160_MAX_WIDTH 2048

     #define Z160_MAX_HEIGHT 2048

     Does gpu z160 support a buffer larger than 2048x2048 ?

Any advice is appreciated.


Thank you in advance.