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MQX CAN driver problem ...

Question asked by Baerchen on Jul 11, 2013
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I use FlexCAN in conjunction with MQX on a K70. I don't want hardware message filtering and set therefore the global standard mask to zero. I need to use multiple mailboxes for reception. This is necessary to allow reading out a received message from one mailbox but having still other mailboxes receiving messages. This approach seems to work except that only one mailbox is really receiving all messages. My test shows that the mailbox with the smallest index always gets all messages and if this mailbox is frozen to allow the readout of the received message, current messages on the bus are missed.I would think that I could use the FIFO feature of the FlexCAN controller, but I don't know how to enable this feature based on the MQX FlexCAN driver. Can someone help?


Thank you - Frank