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parrallel ipu handling

Question asked by Patrick Oberthür on Jul 11, 2013
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For a videofilter I use two ipu instances, both with its own handle, refering to IPUV3 Library. In OP_NORMAL_MODE it's too slow, so i set up streaming mode according to the User's Guide. Both for themself are working fine, but together they nagging around:


mxc_ipu_hl_lib.c:947 ipu is busy
mxc_ipu mxc_ipu: handler already installed on irq 0


mxc_ipu_hl_lib.c:2779 Ioctl IPU_REGISTER_GENERIC_ISR 0 failed!


So i checked the mxc_ipu_hl_lib.c and every call of mxc_ipu_lib_task_init() refers to the same irq channel.


So: How I work around that and why use handle ipu instances when they in the end are referring to the same processes?

It's urgent, so a simple and cheap solution would be appreciate.


Here are some of the inits:


filter->ipu1->mode = OP_STREAM_MODE;


init_return = mxc_ipu_lib_task_init(  filter->ipu1->input,           //input parameter

                                                           NULL,                            //overlay parameter

                                                           filter->ipu1->output,       //output parameter

                                                           filter->ipu1->mode,         //ipu mode refer to header file

                                                           filter->ipu1->handle);      //allocate for init, provide some info after task init function


for the second ipu all the same.