MQX build fails in DS-5 -- Error: C9912E: No --cpu selected

Discussion created by richard_stulens Employee on Jul 11, 2013

Building MQX with a non-full DS-5 license can fail with below error:


Error: C9912E: No --cpu selected

Error: L6636E: Pre-processor step failed for .....



The problem is that the linker uses the pre-processor to process the scatter file without specifying what compiler (cpu) to use. This is invoked by the command on the first line of the scatter file:

#! armcc -E


Since only the pre-processor is used, it does not matter what compiler (cpu type) is used. However, the default compiler is not licensed in the limited versions of DS-5 and this causes the error.


To fix the issue, simply add the cpu type to the command line in the scatter file as follows:

#! armcc -E --cpu Cortex-A5.neon


Scatter files (*.scf) in MQX 4.0.x are located at ….\lib\twrvf65gs10_a5.ds5\debug\bsp\


Users with a full DS-5 license will not see this problem since all CPU's are enabled/licensed.


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