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LTIB not generating .ko module file (ltib-mcf547x-8x-20070107)

Question asked by Ricardo Cazetta Menzer on Jul 10, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2013 by Ricardo Cazetta Menzer




I'm trying to generate a modified can4linux module for mcf5485evb. But after LTIB suceeds building, I cannot find a .ko module file in rootfs (nor in rootfs.tmp).



I'm able to modify the can4linux source code and i can compile it. I think i'm modifying the correct files because when I put code errors in the source files, ltib fails to compile showing the error. Therefore I guess i'm working in the right place.



But after ltib finishes building, I didn't find a module.



In kernel configuration I mark CAN0 under FlexCan support as <M>.



I'm using ltib-mcf547x-8x-20070107 with kernel version 2.6.10. I'm afraid I cannot change these because I'm working in a relatively stable product and only need a minor modification in this driver.



Can anyone point me a way to make this possible, or show me what I'm doing wrong?

Please, ask me any other information needed.



Thanks in advance!!