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"Simple SCI" doesnt work on S12xDP512

Question asked by underwood on Jul 10, 2013
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I'm triying to run the example Code on my MC9S12xDP512 CPU with XGATE enabled. (AN3144SW)

Unfortunately it doesnt work.


1) The Code is written for MC9S12xDT512     -     I dont know if this makes trouble

2) In the main.c the tBuffer struct (Buffer0) which is defined as "extern tBuffer Buffer0 ;" never gets filled with values. So the struct is empty the whole time and nothing will be send!!


3) When Running in Simulation Mode Simple SCI only works when I switch the two declarations of tBuffer Buffer0. That means in main.c there has to be  "tBuffer Buffer0;" and in the xgate.cxgate there's "extern tBuffer Buffer0;" But when I try to run this on my microcontroller the prograsmm stops after a few milliseconds with: "Exeption: Interrupt (Vector 20)"


Can someone help me?