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MQX4.0 52259Demo unstable

Question asked by Carl Norman on Jul 9, 2013

Hi Guys,


We have been using MQX in the field in a 100% uptime security communications product running just about every resource in the chip and MQX without any fault. I have literally thousands of units being monitored 24/7 without a problem, each unit is polled for status every 40 seconds, any failures in any areas are reported. There are currently zero problems, and has been that way for years (starting on MQX3.0, now MQX3.7).


Ever since I have started trying to release MQX4, I have serious stability issues. Identical code, just change from MQX3.7 to MQX4.0.1 or MQX4.0 and it reliably crash's. We use just about everything, I have slowly trimmed down everything and it just keeps coming up with other unstable results. I dont have the budget to track down why MQX4.0.1 and MQX4.0 are unreliable, unstable and not production ready.



- I have every thread watching every other thread by timers clearing bits to monitor their function, they just randomly stop...

- Unhandled interrupts

- Threads slowing down / locking up by what looks like IO fflush

- dead stop, all threads just STOP dead, worst thing in the universe for 100% uptime product.

- Does appear to be worse when I have my SPI running


Im not sure if this all boils down to one feature that I am using causing the issue, and I probably wont find out as I am not chasing my tail for another week on this unstable platform.


MQX3.7 is rock solid with the identical code, 100% uptime, 100% reliable.


Anyone else had problems? Any other changes that could cause this? I have read all the release notes.