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IMX6 sololite with Android 4.2

Question asked by marco sinigaglia on Jul 9, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2013 by SergioSolis
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Hi All,


Freescale has released a JB4.2.2 for IMX6 but IMX 6sololite is not included.


One problem could be the missing 3D GPU on the sololite.

Android requires the availability of open GL support, either in HW or SW. On 4.2 Open SW GL is currently not supported by Google.

One solution would be to port the open GL support from release 4.0. Saying that, I have no idea if this can be a nightmare and if the performances would be good enough.

Can anyone confirm that?

Do you know if there are other major changes that could block the porting of JB4.2 on sololite?

Thanks in Advance