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Using GPIO as interrupt on i.MX28 and linux-3.4.50

Question asked by Christoph Stoidner on Jul 9, 2013
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I am using the mainline linux kernel-3.4.50 built with mxs_defconfig. Based on the sysfs I am trying to init and use a GPIO as interrupt. Unfortunately the complete systems hangs when the interrupt is triggered.


For test I have connected PIO 6 and PIO 27 in hardware. PIO 27 should be act as output to trigger PIO 6 that is configured as interrupt input. On the shell I am using the commands below:


# cd /sys/class/gpio

# echo 6 >export

# echo 27 >export

# echo out >gpio27/direction

# echo in >gpio6/direction

# echo rising >gpio6/edge

# echo 1 >gpio27/value

------- from here there is no return. It seems as the complete system hangs, since it is not reachable anymore over TCP/IP (ping).


Does anyone has an idea what is going wrong here?