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TBDML recognized by Win7 but not working

Question asked by Vincent Lagardelle Employee on Jul 9, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2013 by ZhangJennie


I hope someone could help me, because I am blocked...

I need to use EVB Kit KIt912F634AVEVME and associated FreeMaster Interface.

the TBDML is well recognized by Win7. I follow all EVB documentation regarding setting , but it does not worked.


On the same EVB, I download a soft using CW5.X trough the TBDML , and it was working well.

But not way to use to the TBDML with FreeMaster.


I uninstall the TBDML driver.

And now, nothing work..neither the Freemaster neither trough CW5.1.

With CW, I got a window " USBDM Configuration HCS12" which pop.. ==> Failed to connect to target / reason : BDM open Failed - Unknown USB error.

With Freemaster , no connection => "could no open the communication port ...."


Thanks in advance for your help

I really appreciate