Chris Chelmecki

PHY Initialization Issue on external reset (mcf5223x)

Discussion created by Chris Chelmecki on Jul 16, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2007 by Petter Nordby
I'm having an issue with the mcf5223x phy not initializing properly after a short reset.  If I hold down the reset button on my mcf5223demo for 3-4 seconds, everything starts up properly.  When I press and release the reset button quickly, every other time I will get no link/activity.  If I try to hold reset for ~1 sec I will get a link/activity, which will then go away and the collision light will go on constantly. It always works in the debugger or after switched off.

I am using the Interniche/Gregori phy initialization code.  Also I tried to reset the phy in software before I initialize it, but this did not seem to affect the problem.

Has anyone seen this issue before/ have any ideas?