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i.MX6Q Board Bringup - u-boot not working

Question asked by Hugo Osornio Lopez Employee on Jul 5, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2013 by Yixing Kong
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We are working with a custom made i.MX6Q board. It is based on the SABRE AI board, SPF-27142.

The only changes we made were to reroute the EIM interface to the EDGE connectors, removed the parallel NOR flash.


When using a known working bootloader from the SD CARD, the device simply does not boot.

In order to discard HW issues, we ran the OBDS tests and the board is able to run them from the SD card.

All the interfaces worked as expected. DDR passed, UART, Video Interfaces.


One difference that we saw was


---- Running < PMIC PF0100 ID TEST > test

Expected id 0b0001xxxx (PF0100), read 0x2


This obviously means that we have another kind of PMIC.

Will this be an issue to run the u-boot?

Also, what other procedure (fuse wise or Hard coded configurations) needs to be done before an i.MX board run the u-boot during a board bringup?

Does u-boot run some kind of pre-checks and, if the environment is not what it expects it simply does not execute?