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Capture 16-bit

Question asked by Kirill Brilliantov on Jul 5, 2013
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I have to capture 16-bit YUV422 on our board, I read i.MX53 Multimedia Applications Processor Reference Manual, Rev. 2,.1, 6/2012 (p. 2692): 16 bit camera support

Devices that support 16 bit data bus can be connected to the CSI. This can be done in on of the following ways.

16 bit YUV422

  In this mode the CSI receives 2 components per cycle. The CSI is programmed to accept the data as 16 bit generic data. The captured data will be stored in the memory through the SMFC. The IDMAC needs to be programmed to store 16bit generic data. When the data is read back from the memory for further processing in the IPU it will be read as YUV422 data.


My configuration:

./memtool -32 0x1E030000 1 //IPU_CSI0_SENS_CONF


Reading 0x1 count starting at address 0x1E030000

0x1E030000: 04004B00


I think CSI0 configured correct, unfortunally captured image is not correct, please see attache.
Major problem - image is divided into four parts and "float".

Unfortunally techical support can't help:

Sorry, since this configuration is not officially supported in FreeScaleBSPs, it is supported only through Community.


Where can I found more information about capture 16-bit YUV422?
What can check in my configuration and what should I see?

Thank you and excuse my bad englsish.