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imx6 pci dma operation

Question asked by lee seungik on Jul 4, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2013 by Richard Zhu

I try to active pcie of my imx6q board with FPGA using dma.

it's work to read/write FPGA SRAM through pcie, but it's just mem read / write not dma operation.

what I want to implement is that processor initiate dma operation using dma controller.

After reading LDD3 and DMA-API.txt. I can't figure out how to start transfer data to FPGA as processor master. (if fpga doesn't support bus mastering)

previous project taken another team use same FPGA  and different chip and os (p4080 and vxworks),

the driver is simple using DMA api "vxbDmaWrite / vxbDmaRead". they say processor can be master for DMA operation.

BUT I can't find any information about it in linux device driver.


How can I initiate dma operation as vxworks did ?

Does I have to use bus mastering supported in fpga ?

Is there something wrong in my situation?


any commnet will help me.. thanks in advance.


Seungik Lee