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The power light has anything with the touch screen on IMX53 Tablet WinCE7

Question asked by Holy Yuan on Jul 4, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2013 by jamesbone
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Hi, all.
Now ,I  find a problem of the iMX53 tablet PC, while I have a long press the  power button until the Windows CE7  system is off and the power light is off. Then, Restart the Tablet is good . But I have a press the power button until the system is off ,but the power light is nont off. then the system has some problem,that is when restart the board , the touch screen function is useless. You have to restart tiwce  to make sure the touch function is good.


Does it has something with the power management chips DA9053? THIS problem now even drive me crazy.

so , how can I get over this problem? Could any one  tell me or analyze the problem for me ?

Thank s alot


Best Regards.