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i.MX6 and Zytronic touch zxy100 off glass

Question asked by Rainer Stillhard on Jul 4, 2013

Hi all

I trying to bring a "zytronic 100 off glass" touch on i.MX6 yokto to work.

The device is accessed on the usb bus and has the event1.

Y coordinates are ok.

But it "hangs" on the x axis, that mean x is ether 0 or 1024 (resolution is 1024x768).

On small strip of the creen left and right border are the x coordinates inverted.

Has anybody some experiance with this kind of usb hid touch?

It lacks on driver from the producer for this platform.
Could be tslib a solution? And when yes, which way can i "calibrate" the touch,

so that the coordinates are right?