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Porting SPI Driver to Keil RL-ARM System: BusSpeed

Question asked by tfrauenrath on Jul 3, 2013

My task is to port a NXP SPI driver delivered with Keil RL-ARM to my Kinetis K60 system. Finlay I want to talk to SD cards in SPI mode. I do this step by step. My next task is the Bus speed routine.

RL-ARM User's Guide: spi.BusSpeed Library Routine


This is the original NXP Bus Speed Routine:

/* Set an SPI clock to required baud rate. */
static BOOL BusSpeed (U32 kbaud) {
  U32 div;

  div = (__PCLK/1000 + kbaud - 1) / kbaud;
  if (div == 0) {
  div = 0x02;
  if (div & 1) {
  if (div > 0xFE) {
  div = 0xFE;
  SSPCPSR = div;
  return (__TRUE);




I am not able to write a Kinetis Routine, because there is no PreScaler in the K60 registers. What else can I do to full fill the requirements of this routine?