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Problem with PCIe and Ethernet on P4080 using kernel from git repo

Question asked by johannesthumshirn on Jul 3, 2013
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I have a problem with a custom P4080 design. Using the kernels provided via the git repository I can either use the DPAA ethernet (with fsl-sdk-v1.3.x branch) or I can use PCIe (with fsl-sdk-v1.4 branch). The device tree and kernel config is the same in both version.



PCIe is connected via SerDes as are the Ethernet PHYs.



Problems descriptions:

With SDK 1.3.x:

When I select CONFIG_SATA_SIL24 to use onboard the Silicon Image 3124 or I active USB I get a Kernel OOPS. If I deselect both drivers the board boots fine and has working network.


With SDK 1.4:

USB and SIL24 are working but none of my DPAA ethernets comes alive.


Doing a Git bisect wasn't really helpful either.


Does anyone experience a similar problem?


Thanks in advance,