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MCF52233 Ethernet Autonegotiation

Question asked by Marcus Mueller on Jul 2, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2013 by Marcus Mueller


we are working on a project based on the MCF52233. We are using the FNET IP Stack.


We are already using our own HW. Everything ist working fine, however the Ethernet Autonegotiation does not work correctly. We do get a link but only 10MBit  / Half Duplex. The "Auto-Negotiation Complete bit" (ACOMP) in the MII Status register is never set. Nevertheless a 10MBit Half Duplex connection is established. With manual parameters we can get 100 MBit FDX.


Apart from the FNET code I have tried the PHY init code used in the Coldfire TCP Lite stack, however the problem is the same.


We are using a MCF52233 with mask version 3M23E - this version is no longer affected by the common Autonegotiation bug.


Does anybody have working code for the Autonegotiation?

Has anybody used Autonegotiation on the MCF52233/52235 at all?


Thanks in advance, Marcus