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What is the purpose behind the VPU wrapper?

Question asked by dv1 on Jul 2, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2018 by David Martinez



I wonder what libfslvpuwrap is for. From what I can see, for video decoding using the VPU, only the imx-lib is necessary.

From looking at the source I get the impression that libfslvpuwrap is supposed to be a layer which abstracts away most i.MX version differences and adds some workarounds for hardware issues.


So, if I want to add VPU support to a multimedia stack, is it recommended to use libfslvpuwrap instead of imx-lib directly? Or is the vpu wrapper an utility library for other Freescale packages, and not intended to be used by 3rd party software?


One problem I see with the VPU wrapper is that I can find API documentation for imx-lib, but not for the wrapper. Most imx-lib calls translate more or less straightforward to the wrapper's API, though.