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Physical connections for INT2 on MPL3115A2 and nRST on MPL115A2

Question asked by timothyfreeburn on Jul 2, 2013
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I'd like to use interchangeably either a MPL115A2 or a MPL3115A2 in my circuit and I'm wondering if I can get away with not using a DNF/resistor on pin 5 and just connecting it to VDD. This is the RST line (active low) on the 115A2 but is INT2 on the 3115A2. What would the effect be if the INT2 line was internally pulling low and the pin is connected to VDD? Is the internal resistance enough that it wouldn't overheat/blow up? Would it be power hungry? Is this a CMOS type output? etc. etc.


I'd be running them both from 3.3V on VDD/VDDIO.


Any information appreciated - The only information I can find in the datasheets on this is VOH/VOL for INT1 and INT2 with a test condition I_o of 500uA.