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Interrupt on any of 3 pins on PORTB, K60 under MQX

Question asked by Kevin Rose on Jul 1, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2013 by Kevin Rose

I have a project where I have 3 inputs into PORTB - I must be able to respond to an interrupt from any of these three pins.  In a previous version of the same project, we have the interrupts working just fine, but since then, MQX has changed to using LWGPIO which handles one pin at a time.  I need to write the ISR so that when the ISR is called, I can very quickly detect which pin was set to interrupt, and then I set the appropriate global variable to 1.  That's it.  I tried using the LWGPIO functions within the ISR, but that is too much latency.


A previous version of the same project, which was non-RTOS, used the Processor Expert to handle the interrupts and it did fine.  I need the RTOS due to the existence of Ethernet, USB, Bluetooth, and WiFi on the same system (along with an RS-232 port).  In all ways, the RTOS makes life easier.