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How to perform ADC Calibration

Question asked by charliecheney on Jun 28, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2018 by Anna N

I'm having some trouble getting the ADC calibration to work. The description in Rev 4 of the RM refers to an "ADC_TEST" register which is not described in the interface description. Also, the expected effect of the calibration on the register is not explained, namely, does the correct value get put into the ADC_CAL register automatically, or must it be copied there from R1 (which incidentally shows up as R0 in the Peripheral display under DS-5). I don't see the CALF flag but the only "interesting" register content is a small number (2 or 3) in R0 (R1). ADCn_CAL is still 0.


Normal data acquisition is working fine; I'm using a PIT interrupt to sample at 1 KHz and then start another conversion. It's just the calibration that is giving me trouble.


Any thoughts?